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The Geosocial Universe from JESS3

Here's a nice infographic "The Geosocial Universe" created by the UK based agency Jess3.  4.6 Billion mobile devices really gets my attention.

The Geo Social Universe 

The History of Search Engines - An Infographic

The guys at WordStream recently put together the infographic below showing showing the history or Internet search engines.  Back in the day a lot of people used Yahoo! to find stuff on the web.  Yahoo! was an "index" not a search engine so it didn't make it on the infographic.

How to measure the ROI from your social media marketing efforts

How to measure the ROI from your social media marketing efforts?  In the slides below Paul Gillin presents a clear, easy to understand way to calculate Social Marketing ROI.  Here's the link to Paul's original post.

User visual attention: The most important areas of a web page

Web usability guru Jakob Neilsen recently published results of two studies on people's visual attention while looking at web sites.  The results reinforce the need to for web design and application design to adhere to convention.  Keep the important information above the fold and on to the left.  Both of these articles are worth your 5 to 10 minutes. 

Scrolling and Attention

Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold. Although users do scroll, they allocate only 20% of their attention below the fold.


Horizontal Attention Leans Left

Web users spend 69% of their time viewing the left half of the page and 30% viewing the right half. A conventional layout is thus more likely to make sites profitable. 


What Matters Now


What Matters Now

What Maters Now is an ebook put together by Seth Godin with snippets from 70 of today's leading authors and thinkers.

More than seventy extraordinary authors and thinkers contributed to this ebook. It's designed to make you sit up and think, to change your new year's resolutions, to foster some difficult conversations with your team.

You can download the complete ebook PDF here.  It's free.

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