Location, Location, Location: Will FaceBook Rule Them All?
Written by Graham Clarke   
Monday, 10 May 2010 12:53

Today TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook is about reveal a "Places" tab that will utilize the HTML5 location component to collect location information from your mobile device.  While the full details of Faceook's location service are not clear, the intentions of the 800 pound gorilla of social networking are clear.  Facebook will use this feature to further monetize the treasure trove of personal information they already have.  Foursquare and Gowalla should be nervous.


Web made by a spider on drugs

Should we trust Facebook with this much of our personal information?  Probably not.  Dan Yoder recently wrote the Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook, while Wired is saying that "Facebook's gone rouge" and the time has come for an open alternative.  Jeff Jarvis writes about the confusion resulting from FaceBook's new features and changes to their privacy policy. Facebook has certainly crossed a line.  What's not clear is how many people will notice and how many will care.

There are two core issues here:  First, has Facebook intentionally misled users to believe they have control over privacy settings when they really don't?  This graphic from by Matt McKeon says a lot.  Second, and more importantly, will enough people care and stop using Facebook that it will matter? Maybe not this year or next year, but the message from Jason Calacanis is clear, Facebook has violated the trust of it's users.

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