Adding Snap Shots link preview to a Joomla blog
Written by Graham Clarke   
Monday, 26 January 2009 13:14

Recently I've been experimenting with a variety of semantic web tools and web widgets lookig for easy ways to add semantic web capabilities to existing web sites.   Here's a quick and easy way to add Snap Shots link previews to your Joomla! blog.  Mouse over any link in this post to see what Snap Shots does.  This takes about 10 minutes.

  1. Sign up for an account with Snap Shots.  You're presented with some choices to customize the look, choose a language, and adjust advanced settings.  Ignore the advanced settings for mow.  It's easy to adjust them later.  Click the Continue button and complete your registration.
  2. Once your registration is completed copy the code snippet to embed in your site.  Don't forget to activate your account using the activation email.
  3. Log into the backend of your Joomla! site and create a new custom html module.
    • Show Title: No
    • Position: footer (or another module position near the bottom of your template)
    • Menu Assignment: I chose to just have this enabled for my Blog
    • Custom Output: Paste the Snap Shots code snippet.  If you're using an editor, be sure to be in Source view.
    • Save
  4. You're done.


It's worth taking a couple of minutes to experiment with the Advanced Settings.  Enabling Snap Shots for internal links may produce some unexpected results.  

A nice way to add some glitz your blog.  Turns out Snap Shots is also a great way to check links on your site.  This could be a really handy tool before a site goes live. 


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